ADDreviews has reached its 1000th review! Here are some fun facts for you:

We launched the site on October 15, 2001 at midnight with 200 reviews and hit review #1000 on May 8, 2002 at 5:13pm. That means since we launched, we've averaged 4 new reviews a day.

Longtime supporter Rob Craven won the contest guessing that we'd hit our mark on May 7th. Interestingly, Rob was only the second person to enter, which gave him a disadvantage. He's really earned his prize (a copy of the super-special, incredibly rare, signed first edition of the Songs to Distract You, Volume 1 CD)!

The First 1000 Reviews -- Five Most Reviewed Categories

  • Hip-Hop (189 reviews)
  • Metal (137 reviews)
  • Punk/Indie (105 reviews)
  • Rock (100 reviews)
  • Goth/Industrial (90 reviews)
Thanks to all who entered—be sure to stay tuned to ADDreviews and keep your eyes open for our next contest and for more information about the CD that Rob won.