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Viro the Virus
Lefco, Jake
Built By Snow
Tinted Windows
Cannibal Corpse
Young Zee
Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo
Reggae Gold 2008
Hedberg, Mitch
Knees, The
Spektor, Regina
Thes One
Ras Kass
Kallish, Matt
Cook, David
Walker, Butch

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Artist Album Rating
Cynic Focus 5
Eyehategod Take As Needed For Pain 5
Dio The Very Beast of Dio 5
Slayer Reign in Blood 5
Metallica Master of Puppets 5
Twisted Sister Stay Hungry 5
Metallica ...And Justice for All 5
Black Sabbath Paranoid 5
Pantera Vulgar Display of Power 5
Death Sound of Perseverance 5
King Diamond Abigail 5
Black Sabbath Master of Reality 5
Down NOLA 4.5
Kyuss Blues for the Red Sun 4.5
Brutal Truth  Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses 4.5
Neurosis Souls at Zero 4.5
Neurosis Through Silver in Blood 4.5
Exhumed Gore Metal 4.5
Kylesa To Walk a Middle Course 4.5
Slayer South of Heaven 4.5
Death Individual Thought Patterns 4.5
Yakuza Samsara 4.5
Integrity Seasons in the Size of Days 4.5
Exhumed Anatomy Is Destiny 4.5
Corrosion of Conformity (C.O.C.) Blind 4.5
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