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Lefco, Jake
Built By Snow
Tinted Windows
Cannibal Corpse
Young Zee
Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo
Reggae Gold 2008
Hedberg, Mitch
Knees, The
Spektor, Regina
Thes One
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Kallish, Matt
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Artist Album Rating
1200 Hobos Tapes, Skills, & Technics 3.5
1200 Hobos Evolution 4.5
2Mex 2Mex 3
2Pac 2Pacalypse Now 4
3-2 Wicked Buddah Baby 2.5
3-X-Klan Dom Pełen Drzwi 3.5
3582 Situational Ethics 4
3rd Bass Derelicts of Dialect 4
3rd Bass Cactus Album, The 5
3rd Bass Derelicts of Dialect 4
40th Dimension Crop Report, The 4
45 King, The 900 Number EP, The 2.5
4PM Jackin' Boots 1.5
4th Avenue Jones HipRockSoul 3
7L and Esoteric Dangerous Connection 4.5
A-Team Who Framed the A-Team 3.5
A.L.T. and the Lost Civilization Another Latin Timebomb 3
AZ Doe or Die 3.5
Aceyalone Accepted Eclectic 4
Adverse Way With Words 3.5
Aesop Rock Appleseed (EP) 4
Aesop Rock Boom Box (EP) 3.5
Aesop Rock Bazooka Tooth 2.5
Afu-Ra State of the Arts 2.5
Alkaholiks, Tha 21 & Over 5
Alkaholiks, Tha Likwidation 4
All Natural Second Nature 3
Allies, The D-Day 4
Alphabet Soup Layin' Low in the Cut 3.5
Analog Brothers Pimp to Eat 4
Anotha Level On Anotha Level 3
Apathy Eastern Philosophy 4.5
Arctectonics Style & Grace 3
Army of the Pharaohs Rare Shit, Collabos, and Freestyles 4
Arsonists Date of Birth 4
Artifacts That's Them 4
Askari X Ward of the State 3.5
Atmosphere Overcast! 4
Atmosphere God Loves Ugly 4
Audio Two What More Can I Say? 3
Author, Da I Charge Y'all By the Word 3
Awol One & Daddy Kev Souldoubt 4.5
Awol One and Daddy Kev Slanguage 3
B.U.M.S (Brothas Unda Madness), The Lyfe'N'Tyme 4.5
Babbletron Ramble at a Discount 3.5
Babu, DJ World Famous Beat Junkies Vol. 1, The 4
Bahamadia BB Queen 3.5
Bahamadia Good Rap Music 3
Bahamadia Kollage 4.5
Banks, Ant Big Thangs 2.5
Banks, Ant Big Badass, The 3.5
Barman, MC Paul Paulellujah 4
Barman, MC Paul It's Very Stimulating 3.5
Barsha Barsha's Explicit Lyrics 3
Beastie Boys License to Ill 5
Beastie Boys Ill Communication 4
Beastie Boys To the 5 Boroughs 4
Beastie Boys Paul's Boutique 5
Beastie Boys Paul's Boutique 5
Beastie Boys Hello Nasty 3
Beat Minerz, Da Brace 4 Impak 2
Beatnuts Intoxicated Demons: The EP 4
Beckham, John P.G. County Hip Hop 3
Bien Eleven 3
Big Daddy Kane Looks Like a Job For... 4
Big Daddy Kane It's a Big Daddy Thing 4
Big Daddy Kane Veteranz Day 3
Big Daddy Kane Prince of Darkness 2.5
Big Mello Southside Story 2.5
Biz Markie I Need a Haircut 3.5
Blac Monks No Mercy 3.5
Black Eyed Peas Elephunk 3.5
Black Star Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Black Star 4
Black Star Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Black Star 4
Blackalicious Blazing Arrow 4.5
Blackalicious NIA 4
Blackalicious A2G 4.5
Blackalicious Craft, The 3.5
Blackmale Let It Swing 3.5
Bleubird Sloppy Doctor 4
Blind Opticz Illumination 4
Bloods & Crips Bangin on Wax 2.5
Blvd. Mosse U Can't Escape the Hypeness (single) 4
Bone Hard Productions featuring Big Mello Wegonefunkwichamind 3
Boogie Down Productions Edutainment 4
Boogie Down Productions Ghetto Music: The Blueprint of Hip Hop 3.5
Boogie Down Productions Sex and Violence 4
Boogie Shoes Greatest Hits Vol. 1 3.5
Braman, John Climatastrophunk 3.5
Braman, Jon Sprouting Daisies Out of My Hair 3.5
Brand New Heavies, The Heavy Rhyme Experience: Vol. 1 5
Brand Nubian Fire In the Hole 2.5
Brand Nubian In God We Trust 3
Brand Nubian One for All 4.5
Broggs, Peter Progressive Youth 3
Buc Fifty Bad Man 3
Bullet & Shaolin Small Town Livin' Big City Game 2.5
Bullet Proof Space Travelers Built to Last 3
Bullfrog Bullfrog 3.5
Bush Babees Gravity 4.5
Bustin' Melonz Watch Ya Seeds Pop Out 3
C.E.B. Countin' Endless Bank 2
CPO To Hell and Black 3.5
Cadence Songs of Vice & Virtue 3.5
Cage Hell's Winter 3.5
Cage Movies for the Blind 3.5
Cage Weatherproof 2.5
Cali Agents How the West Was One 3.5
Cam, DJ Loa Project (Volume II) 4
Cam, DJ Liquid Hip-Hop 3.5
Cash Money & Marvelous Where's the Party At? 5
Casual He Think He Raw 3
Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf Big Shots 4
Chill Rob G Ride the Rhythm 4
Chino XL I Told You So 4
Chino XL Here to Save You All 4.5
Chuck D Autobiography of Mistachuck 3
Class A Felony Class A Felony 3
Click the Supah-Latin Square Won 4
Clipse Hell Hath No Fury 4.5
Cold Crush Brothers Live in '82 4
Common Electric Circus 4
Common Like Water for Chocolate 3
Common Market Common Market 4.5
Common Sense Can I Borrow a Dollar? 4.5
Common Sense Resurrection 5
Convicts Convicts 3.5
Cool C I Gotta Habit 3
Coolbone Brass-Hop 3
Count Bass D Dwight Spitz 4
Count Bass D Art for Sale 3
Coup, The Kill My Landlord 3.5
Coup, The Pick a Bigger Weapon 4
Coup, The Pick a Bigger Weapon 3.5
Coup, The Party Music 3.5
Courageous Chief Warpath 4
Craig G Now, That's More Like It 2.5
Creators, The Weight, The 3.5
Crest, The Binge Thinking 4
Crusaders for Real Hip-Hop Deja Vu -- It's '82 4
Cunninlynguists Will Rap for Food 4
Cypress Hill Los Grandes Exitos en Espa�ol 3
Cypress Hill Black Sunday 4
Cypress Hill Black Sunday 3.5
Cypress Hill Cypress Hill 4.5
Cypress Hill IV 3
Cypress Hill Cypress Hill 4
D-Nice Call Me D-Nice 3
D-Styles Phantazmagorea 4
D.I.T.C. Live at Tramps 3.5
D.O.C., The Helter Skelter 2.5
DJ ESP & Awol One Three Eyed Cowz Presents Four Eyed Mortalz 2.5
DM & Jemini Ghetto Pop Life 4
DMG Rigormortiz 4
Da Other Asiatics (D.O.A.) Demo 4
Dagyfted Xperience 2.5
Dakah Live in Los Angeles, CA 07/05/03 4
Dalek Negro, Necro, Nekros 3.5
Danger Mouse/Jay-Z/The Beatles Grey Album, The 4
Dark Leaf F... the People 4
Dark Sun Riders featuring Brother J Seeds of Evolution 3.5
Das EFX Dead Serious 4
Das EFX How We Do 2.5
De La Soul Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump 3
De La Soul AOI: Bionix 3.5
De La Soul Grind Date, The 3.5
De La Soul Buhloone Mindstate 4
De La Soul Live at Tramps, NYC, 1996 3.5
De La Soul 3 Feet High and Rising 4.5
Deep Thinkers Necks Move 4
Def Cut Return to Burn 3.5
Defari Focused Daily 3
Del tha Funky Homosapien No Need for Alarm 5
Del the Funky Homosapien Both Sides of the Brain 4.5
Deltron 3030 Instrumentals, The 4.5
Deltron 3030 Deltron 3030 4.5
Diamond Shell Grand Imperial Diamond Shell, The 3.5
Dibbs, Mr. Live in Memphis 4
Dibbs, Mr. Turntable Hardcore Vol. 1 4
Dibbs, Mr. 30th Song, The 4.5
Dibbs, Mr. Turntable Scientifics 5
Digital Underground This is an E.P. Release 3
Digital Underground Sex Packets 4.5
Dilated Peoples Expansion Team 4
Dilated Peoples 20/20 3.5
Dirty Water. That Good Dirty Water Mixtape 3
Dirty Water. Drowning 3
Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy Hypocrisy is the Greatest Luxury 4.5
Divine Beings Funky Ultimatum (CD 5") 4
Divine Styler Wordpower:2:Directix 5
Divine Styler featuring The Scheme Team Word Power 3.5
Dizkret/Praktik IQ 3.5
Dooom, Dr. First Come, First Served 3.5
Double D/Steinski/DJ Shadow/Cut Chemist/Shortkut Ultimate Lesson, The 5
Doug E. Fresh Play 2.5
Dr Octagon Dr Octagonecologyst 3.5
Dr. Dre Chronic, The 5
Dr. Octagon Dr. Octagonecologyst 5
Dre Dog I Hate You with a Passion 3.5
Dred Scott Breakin' Combs 4.5
Dung Meister General D.M.G. Obnoxious Vanity Project 3
Dynamite Jive Bagadope 2
D�lek From the Filthy Tongue of Gods and Griots 3
E-Ta-Nine Demo 2.5
E.C Illa Power Moves 2
EPMD Back in Business 2.5
EPMD Back in Business 4
EPMD Unfinished Business 4
East-West Connection, The Rose Colored Reality .5
Eazy-E Impact of a Legend, The 2
Edan Beauty and the Beat 4.5
Edan Sprain Your Tape Deck 4.5
Edan Architecture 4
Edan the DJ Fast Rap 5
Eddie Def Hemp Lords Vol. 1 4
Eddie Def Hemp Lords Vol. 2 4
Edotkom Obsidian 4
El Da Sensei Relax, Relate, Release 4.5
El Da Sensei Then, Now and Forever 4
El-P Fantastic Damage 4
El-P Fantastic Damage 4.5
El-P and Cannibal Ox Cannibal OXtrumentals 3.5
Elliot, Missy Under Construction 3.5
Eminem Eminem Show, The 4
Eminem Marshall Mathers LP, The 4.5
Eminem Slim Shady LP, The 4
Eminem Eminem Show, The 4
Encore Self Preservation 3.5
Eric B. & Rakim Paid in Full 4.5
Eric B. & Rakim Don't Sweat the Technique 3
Esham Judgement Day Vol. 2 - Night 3.5
Esham the Unholy Closed Casket 3.5
Esoteks Foreign Exchange 3
Etc. One Blessed Wound, A 4
Ex2 (E Times 2) Nemesis 3.5
Eyedea & Abilities Road Mix 4
Eyedea & Abilities E & A 4
Fannypack So Stylistic 4
Fat Boys On and On 3
Fat Cat Clique, Da Ode to the Cool Cat 3
Faust, DJ Man or Myth? 4.5
Fela Fresh Crew Taking Charge 2.5
Flatlinerz U.S.A. 2
Flavor Flav Hollywood 1.5
Food for Animals Scavengers 4
Francis, Sage Personal Journals 4
Franti, Michael and Spearhead Everyone Deserves Music 4.5
Franti, Michael and Spearhead Stay Human 4
Freddie Foxxx Crazy Like a Foxxx 4
Freddie Foxxx (Bumpy Knuckles) Industry Shakedown 4
Fugees Score, The 3.5
Funkdoobiest Which Doobie U Be? 3.5
Future Sound, The Whole Shabang Volume 1, The 3.5
GZA/Genius Legend of the Liquid Sword 3.5
GZA/Genius Liquid Swords 5
Gang Starr Step in the Arena 5
Gang Starr Full Clip: A Decade of Gang Starr 4.5
Gang Starr Hard to Earn 4.5
Gangster, DJ Best of Facemob/Scarface 2.5
Ganxsta NIP Return!!! (of the Psychopath), The 3
Garfunkle Splash (EP) 4
Genius, The Words from the Genius 3.5
Genius/GZA Liquid Swords 4
Geto Boys Foundation 3.5
Geto Boys Resurrection, The 3.5
Geto Boys Till Death Do We Part 3.5
Ghetto Boys Grip It! On That Other Level 4
Glee Club, The Rocking a Boner in the Ghetto 2.5
Grand Daddy I.U. Lead Pipe 3
Grand Daddy I.U. Smooth Assassin 4
Grandmaster Mele-Mel & Scorpio Right Now 1.5
Gravediggaz 6 Feet Deep 4.5
Gravediggaz 6 Feet Deep 4
Grouch, The Crusader for Justice 3
Group Home Livin' Proof 3.5
Guild, The ReCollection 4
Gza/Genius Legend of the Liquid Sword 4
Gza/Genius Beneath the Surface 3.5
HandCancel 48 Beats of Power, The 3
Hard 2 Obtain Ism & Blues 3
Hart, Oliver Many Faces of Oliver Hart, The 3.5
Hi Council Full Report, The 4
Hi-C Skanless 3
Hi-Tek Hi-Teknology 3.5
Hieroglyphics Full Circle 4
High & Mighty, The Home Field Advantage 3.5
High Performance All Things Considered 3
House of Pain Same as it Ever Was 4
Human Cropcircles Future Is Not What It Used To Be, The 3
Hyphen-One First Letter, The 3.5
IAMISEE vs Dj Demon IAMISEE vs Dj Demon 4
Ice Cream Tee Can't Hold Back 2
Illogic Got Lyrics? 4
Immortal Micunion, The Declaration of Independents, A 4
Insane Poetry Grim Reality 4.5
Insult 2 Injury Soft Automation 3.5
Invincible Shapeshifters 4.5
Ivan Ives LA Heat 3
Ivory, DJ Hear No Evil Vol. 2 4.5
Ivory, DJ Hear No Evil 4.5
J Dilla Donuts 4.5
J-88 Best Kept Secret 2.5
J-Live All of the Above 4
J-Zone Job Ain't Nuthin But Work, A 3.5
Jay-Z Vol. 3: Life and Times of S. Carter 3.5
Jazz Poets Society Poets Lounge: The Show 3.5
Jazzy Jeff, DJ Magnificent, The 3
Jazzy Jeff, DJ and The Fresh Prince He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper 4
Jermiside Biology of Kingship, The 3.5
Jermiside & Brickbeats Red Giants, The 4
Jeru the Damaja Divine Design 3
Jeru the Damaja Still Rising 3
Jeru the Damaja Sun Rises in the East, The 4
Joe Beats Day Boom Bap Died, The 4
Joe Beats Conspiracy, The Reverse Discourse 4
Joe Dirty Not Your Average Joe 2.5
John Doe (1200 Hobos) The Last Amateur (One Hour Photo) 4
John Doe (1200 Hobos) Popular Fallacies (True Lies) 4.5
Jungle Brothers V.I.P. 3.5
Jurassic 5 Quality Control 4.5
Jurassic 5 Power in Numbers 3.5
Jurassic 5 W.O.E. is Me EP 3.5
Just-Ice Kill the Rhythm (Like a Homicide) 3
Justice System Rooftop Soundtrack 3.5
Juvenile Committee Free Us Colored Kids 2.5
K-Solo Time's Up 3.5
KC Flightt In Flightt 1.5
KMC Three Men with the Power of Ten 4
KRS-One Maximum Strength 3
KRS-One Prophets vs. Profits 3
KRS-One Life 4
KRS-One Spiritual Minded 3
KRS-One KRS-One 4
KRS-One Sneak Attack, The 3
KRS-One I Got Next 4
KRS-One and Marley Marl Hip-Hop Lives 3.5
Kabir Fuel for the Fire 3.5
Khromozomes Khromozomes 4
Kid Koala Live at the Knitting Factory 3
Kid Sensation Power of Rhyme, The 3
Kid Sensation Rollin' with Number One 4.5
King Geedorah Take Me to Your Leader 4
King Tee Act a Fool 3.5
Kings of Swing Strategy 2.5
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo Best of Cold Chillin', The 5
Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo Live and Let Die 4
Kool Keith Personal Album, The 2
Kool Keith Presents Thee Undatakerz 2.5
Kool Keith Lost Masters Volume 2 2.5
Kool Keith Lost Masters, The 3.5
Kool Keith Black Elvis/Lost in Space 4
Kool Keith and Nancy Des Rose White Label Mix Series Volume 1 2
Kool Keith featuring Kutmasta Kurt Diesel Truckers 3.5
Kool Moe Dee Greatest Hits, The 3.5
Krown Rulers Paper Chase 4.5
Krumb Snatcha Respect All Fear None 2
Krumbz Kontentz Under Pressure 3.5
Krush, DJ Krush 4
Krush, DJ Zen 3.5
Kwam� Incognito 3
L.L. Cool J DEFinition, The 2
L.L. Cool J Mama Said Knock You Out 4
LL Cool J All World: Greatest Hits 4
LMNO Leave My Name Out 3.5
Labtekwon Song of the Sovereign 4
Large Professor 1st Class 3.5
Last Word Somewhere Between Fast Food And Vegan Vol. 1 (The Remixes) 4
Latyrx Latyrx: The Album 4.5
Leak Brothers (Cage and Tame One), The Waterworld 3.5
Lefco, Jake Headphones (12") 4
Lefco, Jake Missing Trooth 3.5
Lefco, Jake And You Are? 4
Living Legends Four Track Avengers Vol. 1, The 3
Living Legends Crappy Old Shit 3
Logic, DJ Live at the Knitting Factory: February 7, 2002 3.5
Logic, DJ Project Logic 4
Logic, DJ Anomaly, The 4
Louis Logic Sin-a-Matic 4
Louis Logic Debacle in a Bottle: a not album 3.5
Lyrics Born Later That Day 3.5
Lyrics Born Same !@#$ Different Day 4
Lyte, MC Act Like You Know 2.5
MC Chris Life's a Bitch and I'm Her Pimp 3
MC Serch Return of the Product 3
MF Doom Operation Doomsday! 3
MF Doom Metal Fingers Presents: Special Herbs, Vols. 1 & 2 3
MF Doom and Madlib Are MadVillain 3
Mad Happy Renegade Geeks 2.5
Mad Mobster, The Lyrical Murderer 1969 2.5
Madness, M.C. Drop That Bass (Death of a Bass Head) 2
Madness, M.C. Drop The Bass (Death of a Basshead) 2
Magic Mike, D.J. and the Royal Posse Represent 3.5
Magic Mike, DJ This is How it Should be Done 3.5
Magic Mike, DJ Bass is the Name of the Game 4.5
Magnum Magnum 3.5
Main Flow Hiphopulation 3
Majxsty Wicked 1.5
Marl, Marley Re-Entry 2
Maroons Ambush 3.5
Masta Ace Disposable Arts 4
Masta Ace Inc. SlaughtaHouse 4.5
Master Ace Take a Look Around 3.5
Material Intonarumori 4.5
Melo-D, DJ World Famous Beat Junkies Vol. 3, The 3.5
Method Man Tical 3.5
Mike C Top Rawmen Crew Presents, The 4
Mike Control Introduction EP, The 3
Mikey Mo "The MC", Abyss, & Dap Daniel West Bound 3
Mix Master Mike Spin Psycle 4
Mix Master Mike Suprize Packidge: The Automator Remix 3
Mix Master Mike Eye of the Cyklops 4.5
Mix Master Mike Anti-Theft Device 3.5
Mobb Deep Juvenile Hell 2.5
Moka Only Lime Green 3.5
Moka Only Flood 3.5
Motion Man Clearing the Field 4
Mountain Brothers Self: Volume 1 4.5
Mr. Complex Hold This Down 3.5
Mr. Len Pity the Fool: Experiments in Therapy Behind the Mask of Music While Handing Out Dummysmacks 4
Mr. Lif Emergency Rations (EP) 4
Mr. Lif I Phantom 3.5
Mr. Nogatco Nogatco Rd. 4
Murge, DJ Search and Rescue 3
Murs Rules the World 3.5
Murs F'real 4
Myka Nyne Work in Progress, A 3.5
Mystics, The Remnants of a Lost Culture 4
Mystik Journeymen Malapas Tears 3
N.W.A Straight Outta Compton 5
NATAS Life After Death 3.5
Nas Hip Hop Is Dead 4
Nas Hip Hop Is Dead 3
Nas Illmatic 4.5
Nas Stillmatic 3
Nas Illmatic 4
Naughty by Nature Iicons 2.5
Naughty by Nature 19 Naughty III 4
Naughty by Nature Poverty's Paradise 3
Nice & Smooth IV: Blazing Hot 2.5
Nine Nine Livez 4
Nine Cloud 9 3
No I.D. Accept Your Own & Be Yourself (The Black Album) 3.5
Noize, DJ Whole Mess Parts I & II, The 4
Non-Prophets Hope 4.5
Notorious B.I.G. Ready to Die 4
O.C. Word... Life 4
O.G. Style I Know How to Play 'Em! 3.5
O.S.T.R. Ja tu tylko sprzątam 4
Official Welcome to Little Rock 1.5
Oldominion One 3.5
Onyx Triggernometry 3
Onyx Bacdafucup 3.5
Organized Konfusion Organized Konfusion 5
Organized Konfusion Stress: The Extinction Agenda 4
Original Concept Straight From the Basement of Kooley High 2.5
Original Flavor This is How it Is 3
Outkast Speakerboxxx/The Love Below 3.5
Outkast ATLiens 4
PMD Awakening, The 2.5
Paktofonika Archiwum Kinematografii 4
Parental Advisory Straight No Chase 4
Paris Devil Made Me Do It, The 5
Paris Acid Reflex 3.5
Paris Sleeping With the Enemy 4.5
Paris Sonic Jihad 3.5
Paris Sleeping with the Enemy 4
Paris Devil Made Me Do It, The 3.5
Party Fun Action Committee Let's Get Serious 2
Peanut Butter Wolf My Vinyl Weighs a Ton 4.5
People Under the Stairs O.S.T. 4
Pep Love & Jay-Biz Shamen, The 3.5
Pete Rock PeteStrumentals 3.5
Pharcyde, The Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde 4.5
Phife Dawg Ventilation: Da LP 3.5
Phoenix Orion and Team Eloheem Secret Wars 3.5
Pimp Tea Urbal Remedy, An 3.5
Pimp-T Power Is Mindful Peace 3
Plan: Be Antiform 3.5
Poetess, The Simply Poetry 4
Pooh, D.J. Bad Newz Travels Fast 3
Poor Righteous Teachers Holy Intellect 5
Poor Righteous Teachers Pure Poverty 4
Poor Righteous Teachers New World Order, The 4.5
Poor Righteous Teachers Righteous Groove's 3.5
Pounds, Derill Reparation, The 3.5
Praktik Dobra Czestotiwosc 3.5
Prime Cuts, DJ Hip-Hop Don't Stop - The Greatest 4.5
Prime Minister Pete Nice & Daddy Rich Dust to Dust 3.5
Prince Paul Psychoanalysis (What is It?) 4
Prince Po Slickness, The 3.5
Princess Superstar Last of the Great 20th Century Composers 3.5
Private Investigators Re-Act Like Ya Knew 3.5
Professor Griff Kao's II Wiz*7*Dome 3
Public Enemy Fear of a Black Planet 4
Public Enemy Apocalypse 91... The Enemy Strikes Black 4
Public Enemy It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back 5
Pump, DJ Golden Era 90-94 Volume 1 4
Q-Bert, DJ versus A-Trak Buck Tooth Wizardz 3.5
Q-Tip Amplified 3
Quasimoto Further Adventures of Lord Quas, The 3
Quesada and Brainchild, Adrian In Your Right Mind 3.5
Qwiet Rhyme + Revolution 2.5
RBL Posse Lesson to Be Learned, A 3
Rack-Lo Aracknofoebia: The Art of Webslinging 3
Raheem Invincible, The 5
Raheem Vigilante, The 4.5
Rakim Master, The 3
Ras Kass Soul On Ice 4
Ras Kass Soul On Ice (demo) 4
Ras Kass (mixed by Tung Ha) Run Away Slave Mixtape 3
Rascal, Dizzee Boy in da Corner 4.5
Rascal, Dizzee Showtime 4
Rasco Time Waits for No Man 4
Raw Breed Lune Tunz 3
Red Hot Lover Tone #1 Player 3.5
Rell & the Houserockers, M.C. Into the Future 3.5
Rev Run Distortion 4
Revolution, DJ In 12's We Trust 4
Revolution, DJ R2K, Version 1.0 3.5
Riley, Star Hot New Song's (Promo EP) 2.5
Rise Arise In Music (EP) 3.5
Rjd2 Deadringer 3
Rjd2 Horror, The 4
Rock and C.L. Smooth, Pete Mecca and the Soul Brother 4
Rock and C.L. Smooth, Pete Main Ingredient, The 4
Roots, The Phrenology 4
Roots, The Phrenology 4.5
Roots, The Illadelph Halflife 4
Roots, The Things Fall Apart 4
Roxanne Go Down (But Don't Bite It) 1.5
Run DMC Raising Hell 5
Run-D.M.C. Run-D.M.C. 5
Run-D.M.C. Crown Royal 2
S.O.N. Blood and Fire 4
S.P.I.C.S., The Spanish Poets Invading Colorado Streets 2.5
Saafir Hit List, The 3
Saafir Trigonometry 3.5
Saafir Boxcar Sessions 4.5
Saafir Good Game: The Transition 3
Sadat X Wild Cowboys 3.5
Scaramanga Seven Eyes Seven Horns 3
Scarface Balls and My Word 3.5
Scarface Mr. Scarface is Back 4.5
Scarface My Homies 2
Scarface Fix, The 3.5
Scarface Untouchable, The 3.5
Scarface Diary, The 4
Scholar & TrueBLESS Love Freedom Movement, The 3.5
Schoolly D How a Blackman Feels 2.5
Schoolly D Am I Black Enough For You? 3.5
Scienz of Life Project Overground: The Scienz Experiment 3.5
Scratch Embodiment of Instrumentation, The 3
Self Scientific Self Science, The 2.5
Sensational Get On My Page 3
Sensational Heavyweighter 3
Shabazz, Lakim Lost Tribe of Shabazz, The 3.5
Shadow, DJ Endtroducing 4.5
Shant� Bitch is Back, The 3
Shazzy Attitude: A Hip-Hop RAPsody 3.5
Shep Shep 3
Show & A.G. Goodfellas 2.5
Simple E Colouz Uv Sound 3
Skillz Confessions of a Ghostwriter 3
Skillz I Ain't Mad No More 3
Skinny Boys, The Weightless 4
Slum Village Trinity (Past, Present and Future) 3
Smooty Tame the Dark EP 3
Snoop Doggy Dogg Doggystyle 4.5
Son of Bazerk Bazerk Bazerk Bazerk 3.5
Sonic, Rob Telicatessen 4.5
Souls of Mischief 93 'til Infinity 5
Spair, DJ Hip Hop's Best Kept Secret (The Old Skool) Volume I 4.5
Spearhead Chocolate Supa Highway 4
Spearhead Live Radio Sessions, The 4
Spearhead Home 5
Special Ed Revelations 3.5
Special Ed Youngest in Charge 4
Special Ed Legal 3.5
Steady B Bring the Beat Back 4
Steve Austin Sampler CD 3
Streets, The Original Pirate Material 4
Streets, The Grand Don't Come for Free, A 4.5
Streets, The Original Pirate Material 2.5
Strykers Club Unleashed! 2.5
Subtitle Young Dangerous Heart 3.5
Swamp, DJ Never is Now 3.5
Sway & King Tech This or That 4
Sway & King Tech Wake Up Show Freestyles Volume 7 4
Swollen Members Balance 4
Swollen Members Monsters in the Closet 3.5
Syst Linear Language 4.5
T La Rock Lyrical King 4
T-Rock, DJ Who's Your Daddy? 4
Tajai Power Movement 3
Tame One When Rappers Attack 3.5
Tech N9ne Anghellic 4
Terrorists, The Terror Strikes: Always Bizness, Never Personal 3
Thes One Lifestyle Marketing 4.5
Three Times Dope Sequel 3, The 2.5
Tim Dog Bx Warrior 3.5
Timid inTimidation 3.5
Tinee Bring-u-something 3
Tonedeff Underscore 4.5
Tony D Master of the Moaning Beats 3
Tony D Droppin' Funky Verses 4.5
Too Brown Takin' No Shorts 3
Too Much Trouble Bringing Hell On Earth 2.5
Too Nice Cold Facts 2.5
Too Short Get In Where You Fit In 3
Too Short Born to Mack 4
Top Quality Magnum Opus 3.5
Trends of Culture Trendz... 3.5
Tribe Called Quest, A Low End Theory 5
Tribe Called Quest, A People's Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm 5
Tribe Called Quest, A Love Movement, The 3
Tricky Maxinquaye 4.5
Tuff Crew Danger Zone 4
Tuff Crew Back to Wreck Shop 2.5
Twin Hype Double Barrel 3
Twist, M.C. and the Def Squad Comin' Thru Like Warriors 4
Twista Resurrection 4
UMCs, The Fruits of Nature 4
UTFO Skeezer Pleezer 2
Ugly Duckling Taste the Secret 4.5
Ugly Duckling Fresh Mode 4
Ultra Big Time 4
Ultramagnetic MC's Funk Your Head Up 4
Ultramagnetic MC's Critical Beatdown 5
Ultramagnetic MC's Four Horsemen, The 4
Unsung Heroes Unleashed 3.5
Vadim, DJ U.S.S.R.: The Art of Listening 3.5
Vadim, DJ Life from the Other Side 4
Vanilla Ice Hard to Swallow 1.5
Vanilla Ice Mind Blowin 1.5
Variable Unit Handbook for the Apocalypse 3.5
Various Aberfoyle Springs Compilation 4
Various Hip-Hop Baby 3.5
Various Hail the DJ! Vol. One 2
Various State of Emergency: Society in Crisis (Vol. 1) 2
Various Bomb Anniversary Collection: 1991-2001 4.5
Various Urban Revolutions 4
Various B-Sides Volume One: Blatant Battle Raps 4
Various 45 King Presents the Flavor Unit, The 3
Various Yo! MTV Raps: The CD 4.5
Various Beats & Lyrics 3
Various H.E.A.L.: Civilization vs. Technology 2.5
Various Laid in Full 4
Various Heavy Off the Ricter 4
Various Magowl Presents The Remixes Vol. 3 3.5
Various Mo Wax: Royalties Overdue, The First Chapter 2.5
Various Street Jams: Electric Funk, Vol. 1 4.5
Various Tags of the Times 3 4
Various DJ Drank's Greatest Malt Liquor Hits 4.5
Various Alt.Rap XIV:XIX 4
Various UpRoot Da Compilation 2.5
Various Scratch (MPS) 4
Various Lyricist Lounge West Coast 3
Various Contents Under Pressure 3.5
Various A Blow to the State 3.5
Various Battle Axe Warriors 3.5
Various Checkmate: Empire Builder 2
Various Juice (MPS) 3.5
Various Menace II Society (MPS) 3
Various Karma Response Unit Presents The Hogan Fam 3.5
Various Definitive Jux Teaser 2005 2.5
Various Bare Skin Compilation 3.5
Various Super Rap: Original Rap & Hip Hop from Harlem's P&P Records 2
Various Wild Bunch: Story of a Sound System, The 2
Various Lost Koast Kollective, Tha 2.5
Various One Big Trip 3.5
Various Def Jux Presents... 4
Various Uprok Records Sampler 4
Various NYC Badmen 4
Various Nervous Reanimated 2
Various Return of the DJ, Vol. 1 5
Various Eastern Conference All-Stars 3 3.5
Various Wild Style (MPS) 5
Various Project Blowed 4
Various Rebel Radio 3.5
Various Definitive Jux Presents III 3.5
Various Return of the DJ Vol. V 4
Various Street Figher (MPS) 3
Various Aberfoyle Springs Compilation Vol. 2: Well Flavoured Essentials 4
Various Hogan Family EP, The 3.5
Various Soundbombing II 5
Various Soundbombing III 2.5
Various Trespass (MPS) 3.5
Various Soundbombing II 4.5
Viro the Virus Sharpest Blade, The 3.5
Vizion I Love You 3
WC and the Maad Circle Ain't a Damn Thing Changed 3.5
Wally/DJ Willie Ross, DJ Mrs. Miller's House 2.5
Weathermen, The Conspiracy, The 2.5
Willie D Play Witcha Mama 2
Willie Dee Controversy 2.5
Wordsworth For the Shows 3.5
Wu-Tang Clan W, The 3
Wu-Tang Clan Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) 5
X-Clan Xodus 3.5
X-Clan To the East, Blackwards 4.5
X-Ecutioners Built from Scratch 4
X-ecutioners Murder The Classix 3.5
Xzibit Man vs. Machine 2.5
Xzibit At the Speed of Life 4
YGz Street Nigga (EP) 3
YZ Sons of the Father 4
Yaggfu Front Action Packed Adventure! 4
Yaggfu Front Secret Tapes, The 3
Yak Ballz My Claim 3.5
Young Zee Musical Meltdown 4
Z-Trip, DJ Live in Los Angeles, CA 2003 3.5
ZezOne Discursive Grandiloquence 3
ekorB Brokenomics 2
pre almighty low 4
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