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Artist Album Rating
Bateau Lavoir and Archie Shepp Bateau Lavoir + Archie Shepp Live 4.5
Coltrane, John and Archie Shepp New Thing at Newport 4
Dixon, Bill 7-tette and Archie Shepp and the New York Contemporary 5 Dixon, Bill 7-tette and Archie Shepp and the New York Contemporary 5 4
Dresch Quartet, Mih�ly and Archie Shepp Hungarian Bebop 4
Moondoc, Jemeel and William Parker New World Pygmies 4.5
Shepp and Siegfried Kessler, Archie First Take 4
Shepp, Archie Yasmina, A Black Woman 4
Shepp, Archie Impulse Story, The 5
Shepp, Archie California Meeting 3
Shepp, Archie Magic of Ju-Ju, The 4.5
Shepp, Archie On Green Dolphin Street 3.5
Shepp, Archie Way Ahead, The 4.5
Shepp, Archie St. Louis Blues 4.5
Shepp, Archie Black Gipsy 4.5
Shepp, Archie Sea of Faces, A 4
Shepp, Archie Live in San Francisco 5
Shepp, Archie Soul Song 3
Shepp, Archie Stream 4
Shepp, Archie Fire Music 4.5
Shepp, Archie Life At The Donaueschingen Music Festival 4
Shepp, Archie On This Night 4.5
Shepp, Archie Four for Trane 4.5
Shepp, Archie Poem for Malcolm 4
Shepp, Archie Attica Blues 4
Shepp, Archie Steam 4
Shepp, Archie Live at the Pan African Festival 4
Shepp, Archie Quintet Bird Fire 3.5
Shepp, Archie and Jasper Van't Hof Fifth of May, The 3
Shepp, Archie and Jasper Van't Hof Mama Rose 3.5
Shepp, Archie and Kahil El'Zabar's Ritual Trio Conversations 4
Shepp, Archie and Roswell Rudd Live in New York 4
Shepp, Archie and the Full Moon Ensemble Live in Antibes Volumes 1 & 2 3.5
Welch, Neil Narmada 4.5
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